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Ac circuit lab manual

ac circuit lab manual Do not make circuit changes or perform any wiring when power is on. 5 Inductors and transformers Section 1. For instance I want to place a resistor a capacitor an AC power supply and a ground to earth in this example so I will first type R in the part name block which will allow me to select the resistor from the list and then click on place amp close option as 4 Lab Procedure 1. Designed for Students. SAFETY. If any DC bias value is signi cantly different than the one obtained from Pspice simulations modify your circuit to get the desired DC bias before you move onto the next step. Equivalent the phase of alternating current. Now that you understand capacitors it is pretty easy to see how to add and subtract an offset voltage to a signal at least for AC signals. THEORY A synchronized UJT triggered circuit using an UJT is shown in the figure. MNPERE. Two continuously variable DC Regulated Power Supplies of 0 1v and 0 30v. V. Calculate the time constant of the circuit. Share Introduction This laboratory manual is intended for use in an AC electrical circuits course and is appropriate for either a two or four year electrical engineering technology curriculum. MANUAL EE 391 Page 2 Stream EE Subject Name CIRCUIT THEORY AND NETWORK LAB Subject Code EE391 LIST OF EXPERIMENTS 1. Familiarization with simple resistance measurements 2. Plot a graph between o p power and load impedance. Read through this entire handout. In the 39 DC Circuits 39 Lab you worked with simpler direct current DC components specifically resistors. Module 8 AC Reactive Components This module describes inductance and capacitance and their effects on AC circuits. The signal at pin 7 of the VCO looks like this LM565 t Pin 7 Voltage Vaverage AC Information Signal Notice that the audio signal is now riding on top of a DC level V average Sep 08 2011 Before using this laboratory read understand and follow the Safety Precautions mentioned inside this manual. Those are the signal generator the capacitor and the resistor. Diode Rectifier converts input ac to dc. While DC direct current circuits employ nbsp INTRO TO EXPERIMENTAL PHYS LAB. Gradually decrease the voltage and note down the speed at different supply voltages. Power electronic circuits can involve voltages of several hundred volts and currents of several tens of amperes. Description. PROCEDURE Two rheostats R 1 R 2 R 3 and three voltmeters V 1 V 2 An RLC series circuit has a 40. The significance of the Electrical Circuits and Simulation Lab is renowned in the various By this perspective we have introduced a Laboratory manual cum nbsp The AC Sweep analysis produces a graph of the magnitude of the sinusoidal voltage versus frequency at a selected point in the circuit. Power Electronics Lab 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS Experiment Particulars Page 1 Static characteristics of SCR or DIAC. Short circuit current Ammeter reading I sc Voltmeter Reading V sc Copper loss Wattmeter Reading W sc Calculate the values of R 01 X 01 Z 01. Develop the ability to analyze and design nbsp For example if you build a circuit incorrectly it doesn 39 t matter how many digits you get out of a voltage reading. 2 Connect the input terminal of the op amp to function generator and output terminal to CRO. b. The AC DC Electronics Laboratory dynamically teaches the basics of AC DC circuits. com. College of Staten Island CUNY. Avoid a metal surface desk as the The first in Delmar Learning 39 s Herrick amp Jacob Series six tightly integrated electronics engineering technology texts DC AC Circuits and Electronics Principles amp Applications teaches readers how to apply basic laws and analysis techniques to traditional introductory circuits as well as popular real world DC and AC circuits. of ECE CREC 5 V I CHARACTERISTICS PROCEDURE i FORWARD BIAS For Ge and Si Diode 1. Apparatus Required Variac or 1 phase auto transformer 1 Single phase ac nbsp Sujets. Chiu 1 Lab 1 Introduction to PSpice Objectives A primary purpose of this lab is for you to become familiar with the use of PSpice and to learn to use it to assist you in the analysis of circuits. Therefore regardless of the Lab 3 Capacitance and RC circuits I. 3. Experiment 12 AC Circuits These are documents that will help students with their preparation for the Physics 221 laboratory and with the completion of laboratory reports. To observe the basic properties of a series LCR circuit. This is an educational laboratory where high voltage terminals and large current carrying components and circuits are exposed for ease of measurements. Always wear tight shirt lab coat pants and shoes inside workshops. edu. 7 15 3 Controlled HWR amp FWR using RC Triggering circuit. Residential house wiring using fuse switch indicator lamp and energy meter 5. Objective of this laboratory manual is to teach students about electronics components characteristics of semi conductor devices and design rectifiers filters and amplifiers simple electronic circuits. However the power levels and rotating machines used in ECE 431 are potentially hazardous. Bobby Rauf P. This lab will introduce you to the behavior of these elements in alternating current AC circuits. Dear T. Shankraiah Course outcomes After the completion of laboratory the student will be able to 1. Signal conditioning circuit original design by Lewis nbsp . 000 manuals online amp and download pdf manuals. Do your wiring setup and a careful circuit checkout before applying power. Introduction. An RC circuit has a voltage source a resistor a capacitor nbsp Aim of the Experiment To measure the single phase power in a single phase a. Tech 4 2 Sem Reg Supply Exams Jumbling centers list April May 2016 MEASUREMENTS LAB DETERMINING VOLUME MASS AND DENSITY USING MICROMETERS VERNIER CALIPERS AND A LABORATORY BALANCE INTRODUCTION Instructional Objectives Learn how to use calipers micrometers and a laboratory balance. Takahashi 6 We call this expression the frequency response of the circuit which we can use to determine the Figure 1 Series Parallel RLC Circuit 1. NEE 151 251 THEORY Real power P in a single phase ac series inductive circuit can be measured either by wattmeter or with nbsp 22 Jul 2013 This is a laboratory manual covering AC electrical circuits typically a first year course for students in an Electrical Engineering Technology nbsp Lab 9 AC Circuits. Measure I C V E V C and V B. Phone 0120 2323854 58 This manual Three Phase AC Power Circuits teaches the basic concepts of three phase ac power. forming circuit assembly with household electrical power 120 volts AC readily accessible to power soldering equipment power supplies and any test equipment. mjcollege. njit. 2018 2019 3. Jan 13 2014 This laboratory manual features a total of 15 experiments in the field of AC electrical circuit analysis. 14. Inexpensive desks in tended for computer use function very well for this purpose. 10 Power in a. Each team submits one report per experiment unless otherwise required . 8 Q factor 15. in Next JNTUK B. They learn how to isolate identify and test a series of circuits and perform troubleshooting exercises to demonstrate their mastery of the course 1. Usha Assistant Professor EEE Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering amp Technology Autonomous BACHUPALLY MIYAPUR HYDERABAD 500090 Simulation Lab ELECTRICAL SIMULATION LAB RMS voltage across two or more circuit elements like resistors capacitors inductors connected in series is the vector sum of individual RMS voltages. 1 Direct vs alternating current distribution systemsthat are far more ef cient than DC and sowe nd AC used predominately across the world in high power applications. AC currents can vary in nbsp See requirements in Lab Manual. khosrow rad . ENABLING OBJECTIVES 1. 1 nbsp The EEN 100 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Lab is intended to teach the MULTI Sim is used for simulation of electric circuits and is a standard tool at nbsp In the third lab students will become familiar with some AC circuit components lab manual to become familiar with what will be required of you during the lab. 1 Simulation of Transient response of RLC Circuit To an input i step ii pulse and iii Sinusoidal signals 2 2 Analysis of Three Phase Circuit representing the generator transmission line and load. Here you will study the behavior of the same circuit under sinusoidally alternating applied or AC voltages see Module 7 Basic AC Theory This module describes the basic concepts of alternating current AC electrical circuits and discusses the associated terminology. CIRCUITS LABORATORY EXPERIMENT 3 AC Circuit Analysis 3. Do s 1. It begins with basic RL and RC operation and progresses through phasors to AC series parallel and series parallel circuit configurations. All the connections should be tight and clean. Avoid contact with energized electrical circuits. Read the following sections from Giancoli 1. To measure input nbsp Laboratory Manual. 16 19 4 20 AC voltage controller by using TRIAC DIAC combination. So this circuit is also called voltage feedback bias circuit. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 5. Detecting an Open in a Series Parallel Circuit. The student learns how to calculate phase and line voltages phase and line currents phase balance etc. Also make sure that the sine wave button is pressed in the Function area. Page 6. 56. Students should take care of the laboratory equipments Instruments. 7 3 Power Electronics Laboratory Manual Introductory Material v Safety The Power Electronics Laboratory deals with power levels much higher than those in most electronics settings. circuits 213 214 214 215 220 4. GOKARAJU MULTISIM NETWORKS LAB. A circuit diagram is a model of a circuit that corresponds to the nbsp This lab manual provides a platform to the students for understanding the basic To plot frequency response of a parallel resonant circuit. Fig. How to obtain ac equivalent Circuit 3. The objective of this lab is to study circuits with re sistors connected in series parallel and combination. circuits with large motors 2 P ave rms IR rms ave rms rms rms Digital Electronics Laboratory Virtual Lab IIT Guwahati. It should contain a very brief description of your experiment no need to copy the lab manual the data obtained usually in the form of graphs and evaluations such as line surface and volume integrals curve tting circuit analysis and any questions raised in the lab manual. Measurement of energy using single phase energy meter 6. Find product manuals for all of our Snap Circuits products. Thereafter the DC and AC components of that signal will be measured and analyzed using the oscilloscope. Department of Electrical amp Electronics Engineering ASTRA. Connections are made as shown in the circuit diagram 1. Amir Azmi. Switched mode power converter. If the circuit is wired wrong the results will be nbsp 17 May 1999 Fundamentals of Electronics DC AC Circuits Lab Manual but only after a solid intuitive understanding of circuit or device operation has been nbsp 20 Aug 2017 The law states The sum of the currents entering a node is equal to sum Anna University 2nd SEM EEE ELECTRIC CIRCUITS LAB Manual. quot Look for knowledge not in books but in things themselves. Props. Next JNTUK B. AC to DC half controlled converter 5. The inductor is based on the principle of inductance that moving charges create a magnetic eld the reverse is also true a moving magnetic eld creates an electric eld . a 2. In PSpice Click the Analysis in the menu bar and then click Setup and select AC Sweep and set the starting frequency to 10 Hz and end frequency to 1 GHz and select radio button Decade and then close the box. Turn on the computer and launch Excel by double clicking on the Excel icon. OBJECTIVES. AC Circuits 1 Capacitors. Lab Make up Final Exam Aug 30 2016 Featuring a total of 15 experiments this laboratory manual fully addresses the field of DC electrical circuit analysis. Ammeter 5. You can build and simulate circuits right on your phone or tablet animate and This is made possible by a custom built circuit simulation engine under the hood nbsp To observe electrical resonance analogous to mechanical resonance in a vibrating string in an RLC circuit. Voltmeter 2. Fluorescent lamp wiring 2. Current Balance. 6 laboratory Instrument Loading Effect Part BExp 74 6 Report 5Pre 77 Report 5Post 80 Exp 84 7 Inductance Capacitance I V Relations and Circuits Transients in RL and RC 7 Report 6Pre 92 Report 6Post 96 8 8 Transients in RLC CircuitsExp 105 Report 7Pre 111 Post Report 7 116 9 Exp 9 Sinusoidal AC Circuit Measurements 122 Pre Report 8 128 I LIST OF EXPERIMENTS FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB 1. CIRCUITS LABORATORY EXPERIMENT 5 Circuits Containing Inductance 5. AC VIEW . Follow the instructions of the lab in charges and lab supervisor. LABORATORY MANUAL INTEGRATED CIRCUITS LAB EE 383 For III IV B. AC circuits. Designed with students in mind the text is spiral bound for ease of When an AC carrier excitation is applied to the primary coil voltages are induced in the two secondary coils that are wires in a series opposing circuit. Launch CircuitLab or watch a quick demo video AC Circuits 6 V V R o 0 0 f f Hz o 15000 1 Figure 4 VR V for a series RLC circuit 2. Increased Coverage of AC and DC Motors and Filters. Several tools from the Cadence Development System have been integrated into the lab to teach students the idea of computer aided design CAD and to make the analog VLSI experience more practical. 2016 . circuit 15. Title Laboratory Manual for AC Electrical Circuits Author James M. Before you come to lab A. By this perspective we have introduced a Laboratory manual cum Observation for Electrical Now the same circuit with alternating current AC will be examined. Introduction This laboratory manual is intended for use in a DCelectrical circuits course and is appropriate for two and four year electrical engineering technology curriculums. 16 Aug 2018 While working with your circuit you might need to go back or forth the steps. ANALOG ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS LAB MANUAL. Objective To find voltage current relationship and power factor of a given R L circuit. Stair case wiring 3. Rebuild the half rectifier but use a 10M resistor for R. 1 6 2 Static characteristics of MOSFET amp IGBT. The voltage in the two coil cancels and the output Electronic circuits amp Pulse Circuits Lab Manual ECE MIST 7 Frequency Response 6. 0 resistor a 3. Buy Lab Manual for Electronics Fundamentals and Electronic Circuits Fundamentals Electronics Fundamentals Circ. The circuit consists of a voltage source amp the R L C combination. PROBE . The main objectives for this lab are as AC Circuits Physics 212 Lab Turn on the function generator. In a previous lab. The Snap Circuits kit uses building blocks with snaps to build the different electrical and electronic circuits in the projects. ac. Experiment 7 AC Circuits. Thus negative feedback exists in the circuit. b AC measurements indicate the rms root mean square value of a time varying usually periodic quantity. Measurement of electrical quantities voltage current power amp power factor in RLC circuit 4. Capacitors 1. The primary objectives of this revision of the laboratory manual include insuring that the procedures are clear that the results clearly support the theory and that the laboratory experience results in a level of confidence in the use of the testing equipment commonly found in the industrial environment. To understand the meanings of phase amplitude reactance and Principles of Electrical Engineering Lab 1 Multisim Page 1 Multisim Manual Multisim is the schematic capture and simulation application of National Instruments Circuit Design Suite a suite of EDA Electronic Design Automation tools. No installation required Launch it instantly with one click. Connections are made as per the circuit diagram. All of the documents are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format PDF . The manual contains sufficient exercises for a typical 15 week course using a two to three hour practicum period. Practical circuits are built to investigate signal amp Zener diode circuits bipolar transistor circuits under DC and AC conditions as well as small signal amplifiers. Maximum Power Transfer Theorem. PRINT . Construct the common emitter ampli er you designed in the pre lab. Build the AC DC converter shown in figure 9. PHYS 112 Laboratory Manual. 2 Procedure. Figure 8 shows a schematic for the circuit. Determination of transient response of current in RL and RC circuits with step voltage input. 28 Oct 2016 In this lab you use the oscilloscope to study some properties of alternating current AC circuits which involve capacitors and inductors. 15. Basic Electronics Lab Manual. c. 21 27 6 AC voltage controller using triac diac combination. EE CE 3111 Electronic Circuits Laboratory Spring 2015 Professor Y. Capacitance 2 AC Circuits 2. ee 2049 . Make connections as shown in the circuit diagram. Type your name date the day of the week you did the lab and the name of the TA. Setup the circuit on the breadboard and check the connections. In this laboratory the Reference Textbook is the following First Course in Power Electronics by Ned Mohan published by MNPERE www. LINEAR IC APPLICATIONS LAB DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING 3 Procedure 1 Connect the circuit for inverting non inverting amplifier on a breadboard. Complete the pre lab assignment at the end of the handout. More about ac measurements will be presented in Experiment 7. END 5US DEC ECE BEC 200US 5 1K 100MEG RESULTS TRAN V 3 AC V 3 RESULT 57 footer PSPICE LAB MANUAL ECE BEC 58 footer PSPICE LAB MANUAL ECE BEC PROGRAM 15 AIM To verify the characteristics of Basic Digital Gates CIRCUIT 1 Basic Electronics Lab P242 Manual 2015 16 Dept. 2 The main points to remember are summarized here. Wear student identity badges round your neck before entering the lab. 4e3 sqrt 2 volts in this case . Resistor R limits the circuit current to a suitable value for the zener diode and UJT. com year 2007 edition. Set the meter to measure resistance ohm by depressing the nbsp PSPICE SIMULATION OF AC CIRCUITS. lab report. Laboratory Manual for Introductory Circuit Analysis. As the name nbsp LAB V. Simple electric circuits consist of conducting wires resistors power supplies and fuses. II. 7. Show circuit used and all components and their values on. By comparison the voltages in all other teaching laboratories rarely exceed 20V and the currents hardly ever exceed a few hundred milliamps. Special care should be taken while selecting the ranges of the meters for conducting short circuit test. 3 Acquire skills of using MATLAB nbsp Most experiments have a computer simulation part. A network is in resonance RC Circuits and The Oscilloscope Physics Lab X Objective In this series of experiments the time constant of an RC circuit will be measured exper imentally and compared with the theoretical expression for it. Design and implement the various combinational circuits using MSI components. Resistances 3. 23 27 6 Parallel Introductory Electronics Laboratory 1 i Experiment 1 Introduction to analog circuits and operational amplifiers Electronic circuit design falls generally into two broad categories analogand digital a third category interface circuitry includes hardware to join these two major circuit realms . Oscilloscope. DC AC Electronics And Introductory DC AC Circuits Laboratory Manual 6th Edition Schaum 39 s Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis Second Edition Schaum 39 s Outlines Transform Circuit Analysis for Engineering and Technology 5th Edition Transform Circuit Analysis for Engineering and Technology 4th Edition Electric Circuit 1 Laboratory EELE 2110 Laboratory Experiments The lab will cover the following experiments 1. Resistors in series and parallel circuits and their faults as shorts and opens. g. To observe the behaviors of capacitors and inductors in AC circuits. Essentially it has three parts namely the DC voltage source the AC source and the resistor with the resistance of 50 Ohms which serves as an internal load. Look at the output waveform on electrical machines ii laboratory 2 institute of aeronautical engineering dundigal hyderabad 500 043 department of electrical and electronics engineering electrical machines ii labaratory list of experiments sl. The three main components are the transformer rectifier and filter. Should take only the lab manual calculator if needed and a pen or pencil to the work area. you studied thebehavior of RC circuit under constant applied or DC voltages. Next turn on the voltmeter and set it for ACV in the 2V range. A basic block diagram of a linear power supply circuit is shown below in Fig. In this experiment you will construct circuits using multiple resistors. Bread board 4. AC Adapter for Snap Circuits Microscope Lab Max Download EDU41003 100x 200x 300x Microscope In lab 6 the function generator provided the offset in this chapter we will show how to design an amplifier which provides its own offset. The original PSpice Schematics referred in this Laboratory Manual are provided on a CD accompanying the reference textbook above. 28 32 7 SCR turn off using i LC circuit ii Auxiliary Commutation 33 34 ECE 494 Electrical Engineering Laboratory III Lab 3 Power Transformer Open and Short Circuit Tests Objectives. Fiore via dissidents LAB Manual EXP 8 Rectifier. Lab report You must hand in a typed lab report for every lab you perform. He was employed as a circuit design specialist in the electronics industry for many years before becoming a professor nbsp I 2001 250 Lab Manual 2018 Name 31A Experiment AC Circuits D Circuit A A Sinusoidal Voltage Of Constant Amplitude V IV And Varying Frequency Is Applied nbsp EE 213 Lab Manual. No. 4 Capacitors and AC circuits Section 1. Connect the circuit as shown figure and supply the required DC voltage 2. Retrouvez Lab Manual for Electronics Fundamentals and Electronic Circuits Livraison partir de 0 01 samedi 12 sept. Theory In the previous experiment you constructed 4 circuits each circuit built with one resistive element. Experiment 1. Electric Circuits. 1 Introduction The steady state behavior of circuits energized by sinusoidal sources is an important area of study for several reasons. Electrical Circuits Simulation. 2 Analyze complicated circuits using different network theorems. TRAN . E I II SEM EIE amp EEE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MUFFAKHAM JAH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING amp TECHNOLOGY Banjara Hills Road No 3 Hyderabad 34 www. 5. 22 5 UJT firing circuit for HWR amp FWR. Safety in the electrical laboratory as everywhere else is a matter of the knowledge of potential hazards following safety precautions and nbsp To understand the meanings of amplitude frequency phase reactance and impedance in. No Apparatus Range Type Quantity. The student is introduced to the two basic types of three phase circuit connections the wye star and delta configurations. Figure 12. Lee T. Circuit simulators provide the capability to do an experiment without going into any lab and without building nbsp The Thevenin theorem permits the simplification of networks composed of linear components to a voltage source and its internal resistance or impedance . 7 Series resonance 15. no name of the experiment page no 1 open circuit amp short circuit test on a single phase transformer 3 2 sumpners test 10 laboratory than its required in any other undergraduate electrical engineering laboratories. Simulation of PE circuits 1 amp 3 semiconverter 1 amp 3 fullconverter conversion from AC to DC DC to DC DC to AC and maximizing the power from photovoltaics PV . The readings waveforms must be shown to the concerned faculty for verification. Keep silence in the lab 4. Module 9 AC Power View amp download of more than 2637 Radio Shack PDF user manuals service manuals operating guides. Connect ac voltmeter 0 100mV nbsp A circuit diagram should be drawn and labeled so that the actual experiment circuitry could be easily duplicated at any time in the future. plot three phase currents and neutral current. Satyavani Assistant Professor EEE Ms. Course. Be especially careful to nbsp If yes how the law will differ for a. Insert the appropriate IC into the IC base. If in DC circuits voltage is a constant in AC circuits voltage is a sin function and changes with time. 11. 32 60 The Art of Electronics H o r owit z amp H ill . Circuit Diagram shows an inverting summing amplifier with 2 inputs. Fiore is copyrighted under the terms of a Creative Commons license This work is freely redistributable for non commercial use share alike with attribution Published by James M. Exercise 3 Permanent Magnet DC Motor Operating as a Motor 86358 Single Phase AC Power Circuits Open manual. It features banana jacks for computer connection component springs that secure circuit components a push button switch light bulbs and sockets potentiometer coil battery holder storage tray and an iron core. 0 Hz and 10. Instead of analysing each passive element separately we can combine all three together into a series RLC circuit. P. As a prerequisite to this course you should have read the manual titled DC Power Circuits part number 86350 DC Power Electronics part number 86356 and Single Phase AC Power Circuits part number 86358. Sum of The first addition to the circuit is C2. 10. Resistors networks Millman 39 s and reciprocity theorems. Determine the least count of an instrument. Should learn the prelab questions. Combinational Circuits. Office Hour Mondays nbsp 10 Dec 1999 analyzing AC circuits is phasor representation which was developed In a series RL circuit at low frequencies the inductor is very much like a nbsp 8 Jul 2020 We will be looking at the PCB inside an AC its components and its functioning and finally look at how the entire AC functions. Precautions 1. See page 3 of the Projects 1 101 manual for more details. 9 Bandwidth and selectivity 15. Experiment 9 AC circuits. Verification of Tellegin s theorem for two networks of the same topology. Laboratory Manual. Specification of Regulated Power Supply CIRCUIT THEORY LAB. 0 Given an alternating current AC waveform DESCRIBE the relationship between average and RMS values of voltage and current and the angular velocity within that waveform. Project 26 Most of the projects in this lab manual promote understanding of the intended points made by. Besides the general rules above specific guidelines for this lab 1. Chapter 26 sections 5 6 B. To observe the behavior of resistors in AC circuits. AC to DC fully controlled Converter 6. Students have to bring the lab manual cum observation book record etc along with them whenever they come for lab work. DC AC Virtual Lab is an online simulator who is capable of building DC AC circuits you can build circuits with batteries resistors wires and other components. This work was borne out of the frustration of finding a lab manual that covered all of the appropriate material at sufficient depth while nbsp Connect ac voltmeter 0 100mV across the biasing resistor R. Most of the electric power coming to our households therefore is in AC form. edu For each experiment you are supposed to write a laboratory report. Magnetic Fields. What do you mean by node and a mesh 4. 13. e. Circuits Ampoules Batteries Int rrupteurs Amp rem tre Voltm tre Condensateur Inducteur Voltage courant alternatif nbsp LABORATORY MANUAL. A part of output is feedback to input through RB and increase in IC decreases IB. The user manual for performing the experiments is given. Students should be aware of the operation of equipments. Design and construction of 150W power electronic circuits in the power laboratory and comparison of their performance to theory. These blocks are in different colors and have numbers on them so that you can easily identify them. make excellent electrodes in the event of accidental contact with electric power sources. Read through the lab experiment to familiarize Oct 28 2016 In this lab you use the oscilloscope to study some properties of alternating current AC circuits which involve capacitors and inductors. 3 Purely capacitive a. Nate Saffold nas2173 columbia. IGBT based single phase PWM inverter 8. Helpful 8 4. 12 Further problems on single phase series a. They constructed their radio circuits on wooden breadboards. Answer the questions listed in the Thoughtful Questions section in the lab manual. CEM MBA Continuing Education and Development Inc. Bell is a professional engineer. Change the name of this block from AC Voltage Source to Vs. There was a button for undo and redo at the top of the board. The study of alternating current AC in physics is very important as it has practical applications in our daily lives. Aug 17 2020 Lab 3 Capacitors and Series RC Circuits 9 Lab 4 Inductors and Series RL Circuits 18 Lab 5 Parallel RC and RL Circuits 25 Lab 6 Circuit Resonance 33 Lab 7 Filters High pass Low pass Bandpass and Notch 42 Lab 8 Transformers 52 Lab 9 Two Port Network Characterization 61 Lab 10 Final Exam 70 Appendix A Safety 72 ELECTRIC CIRCUITS LABORATORY MANUAL ECE 235 LAB GUIDE LINES FOR THE EXPERIMENTS AND REPORT PREPARATION Build and simulate circuits right in your browser. Apparatus a an AC Power Supply an AC multimeter b a sample containing an inductor coil c two resistors and a capacitor. and procedures in the Lab Manual before starting the experiments. It begins with an introduction to a standard electrical laboratory and progresses through basic measurements of voltage and current to series parallel and series parallel resistive circuit configurations. BRIEF THEORY According to Kirchhoff s voltage law in any closed circuit or mesh the algebraic sum of emfs acting in the circuit or mesh is equal to the algebraic sum of the products of the currents and resistances of each part of the circuit or mesh. Here you will study the behavior of a similar circuit containing series connected capacitor inductor and resistor. Upon the completion of Electrical Circuit and simulation practical course the student will be able to attain the following 1 Familiarity with DC and AC circuit analysis techniques. REMOVE ALL METAL JEWELLERY since rings wrist watches or bands necklaces etc. It provides a comprehensive high quality and cost effective solution to rapidly build student knowledge in electricity and electrical circuits. Y. Use equation 1 to compute the expected resonance frequency and record your result in data table 1. THEORY All useful circuits use varying voltages changing magnitude or even completely reversing polarity. en France m tropolitaine. For the Third Editon of The Art of Electronics Section 1. The exercise covering nbsp Thevenin 39 s and Norton 39 s Theorem. ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Lab Manual Pdf EEE Lab manual pdf. 8. C2 allows the information signal an audio signal to be AC coupled into the control voltage input of the VCO pin 7 . Alternating Current Circuits 12. 2 Introduction In previous labs 1. Chapter 24 sections 1 5 2. The Basics by ETron Circuit Labs is Electronic Education Curriculum designed for the and hold all the electronic components needed to complete the labs in this manual. a. For forward bias the RPS ve is connected to the anode of the diode and RPS ve is Voltage Control Method Make the connections as per the given circuit diagram. C Wattmeter 1 nos. Use eye protection when experimenting on your own circuits. 9 Greyridge Farm Court Stony Point NY 10980 P 877 322 5800 F 877 322 4774 info cedengineering. department of electrical amp computer engineering california state university los angeles . Keeping the rheostat R 1 in the field circuit of motor in cut out position the rheostat R 2 in the armature circuit of the motor and the rheostat R 3 in field circuit of the alternator in cut in positions and TPST S 2 in open position the supply switch S Part Two AC DC converter 1. Keep the External resistances in the Armature and Fields circuits at minimum resistance zero position. Parts and tools are provided. The lab report should be segmented in to the following parts Limiting circuit Half wave rectifier Full wave rectifier Circuit Analysis Lab Manual pdf without any problems. Instrumentation and ac cessories shall not be connected to humans. This equipment is an electrical laboratory equipment intended for professional and intended to be used in laboratories commercial and light industrial environments. Introduction to Electrical Circuits Simulation and Testing. The lab manual details basic CMOS analog integrated Circuit design simulation and testing techniques. Feed an AC signal at the input and keep the frequency at1 KHZ and amplitude 5V. 7 Impedance and reactance Appendix A Math Review page 1097. DC voltage source Theory Norton s Theorem Any linear circuit containing several energy sources and resistance can be replaced by a single constant generator in parallel with a single resistor. Introduction 15 points The introduction should include a general overview of the ex Power Electronics Laboratory Manual Introductory Material v Safety The Power Electronics Laboratory deals with power levels much higher than those in most electronics settings. Instructions for use To avoid injury to an operator the safety precautions given below and throughout the manual 1. Calculate I 1 I 2 I 3 and Vo for the circuit shown in Figure 1 for f 1kHz and f 10kHz. Op amp Circuits AC analysis of nbsp The lab report for the final experiment is due a week after the final lab meeting. There are 39 step by step 39 instructions available in each lab to assist the users. Connect a power o p meter at the o p. Have your TA checkoff your working circuit. The focus of this lab is on converting AC to DC rectification filtering and regulation. 4 M Feb 2 No Lab 5 M Feb 9 DC Circuits 6 M Feb 16 Magnetic Fields 7 M Feb 23 No Lab 8 M Mar 9 AC Circuits 9 M Mar 16 Thin Lenses 10 M Mar 23 No Lab 11 M Mar 30 Di raction 12 M Apr 13 Photoelectric E ect 13 M Apr 20 No Lab 14 M Apr 27 Nuclear Radiation You should be enrolled in a Physics Lab section along with your lecture. To work safely it is important that you understand the prudent practices necessary to minimize the risks and what to do if there is an accident. Lab Manuals 4 273 Views In the circuit RB appears directly across the input base terminal and output collector terminal. AC Circuits 2 Capacitance 2 . 01 F capacitor Digital Electronics Circuits EC37L Lab in charge Dr. 22 A 50 miniature screw style Lab 5 Filters EE43 100Spring 2012 V. However inside a circuit simulator or even nbsp A breadboard left and examples of a good circuit center and a bad circuit left . The Student Manual Hayes amp Horowitz Chapter 1 p. The lab manual provides some information on how the function generator works. 1. or interesting circuits operate under alternating current conditions think computers radios including cell phones etc. Physics II PHY 156 Academic year. Be careful when working with spinning motors and parts that can become hot. After completing the connections students should get the circuits verified by the Lab Instructor. By If you need to copy a schematic or figure from the lab manual to your report use nbsp 1 Familiarity with DC and AC circuit analysis techniques. A working circuit model will be available for observation study and improvement. To observe resonance in an LCR circuit. David Marchetti Figure 7 Get new part window. Following a carefully designed instructional program students become familiar with all components of the board. and formulae 5 apply NOTE In AC circuits all phases are given in the range between 90 5. 2 EXPLAIN the development of a sine wave output in an AC generator. 38. Change the o p impedance in steps for each value of impedance and note down the o p power. May 12 2016 Equipment Oscilloscope no AC coupling Ie blockslow frequencies Function Generator Circuit Breadboard 10k resistor 0. The software is already installed in the computer of every station. 0 kHz noting that these frequencies and the values for L and C are the same as in Example 1 and Example 2 from Reactance Inductive and Capacitive. Record the values of R L and C for this circuit in the space provided in the data section. To nbsp LABORATORY MANUAL. DO NOT MAKE CIRCUIT CHANGES without turning off the power. 1 AC Sources In Chapter 10 we learned that changing magnetic flux can induce an emf according to Faraday s law of induction. 5 R C series a. The AC DC Training System is a state of the art training system that is specifically designed to introduce students to the basic principles of electrical circuits both in direct current dc and alternating current ac . See full list on ecelabs. This experiment will be used to examine the sinusoidal frequency response of the series and parallel to see at what frequency the current through an RLC series becomes or the voltage across a parallel RLC circuit reaches maximum value. When the core is centered between the t wo secondary coils the voltage induces between the secondary coils are equal but out of phase by 180 0. Tech 4 2 Sem Reg Supply Exams Jumbling centers list April May 2016 1. I. Students will also 3 Controlled HWR and FWR using RC triggering circuit 10 14 4 UJT firing circuit for HWR and FWR circuits 15 20 5 Generation of firing signals for thyristors trials using digital circuits microprocessor. Although more sophisticated techniques and devices have been developed to make the assembly and testing of electronic circuits easier the concept of the breadboard still remains in assembling components on a temporary platform. The lab will also cover exper iments associated with the phenomenon of resonance in simple circuits with a resistor an inductor and a capacitor. Through theory and hands on Lab 9 INTRODUCTION TO AC CURRENTS AND VOLTAGES V volts t s OBJECTIVES To learn the meanings of peak voltage and frequency for AC signals. V o R f R i V 1 V 2 Procedure 1. To understand the phenomenon of resonance in RLC circuits. A. In the third lab students will become familiar with some AC circuit components and equipment and use them to experimentally test and conrm the validity of concepts learned in the lectures. Lab Manual II YEAR I SEM EEE By Ms. This Laboratory Manual for AC Electrical Circuit Analysis by James M. Here the output will be amplified version of the sum of the two input voltages with 1800 phase reversal. To conduct standard open and short circuit tests in order to nd the parameters of the equivalent circuit of a transformer. Please use thought and care in the laboratory. The amplitude to be specified for a sinusoidal source is its peak value 424. 000. a Find the circuit s impedance at 60. DC AC Virtual Lab has a pretty attractive graphics and components are real looking but it is not in top fives because of limitation in Course Material Electronics EE 101 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits Download all slides If you download this file you will not need the rest of the files. As a single lumped element inductors find many uses. Not 5. Verification of principle of superposition with dc and ac sources. NAME OF THE EXPERIMENT Page No. POWER ELECTRONICS LAB MANUAL Exp 1. 21 May 2017 You will investi gate the transient state behavior of RC and RL series circuits as well as a resonant RLC circuit. Note currents are measured indirectly by The Grainger Electrical Machinery Laboratory has been designed with safety in mind. 00 mH inductor and a 5. For instance a resistor in series with a capacitor yields a phasor diagram as in Fig. Anna University Regulation 2013 Mechanical Engineering MECH EE6365 EE LAB Manual for all experiments is provided below. Make sure the 10k button is pressed in the Range area. 5 V 0. Gilbert 1540 1603 OBJECTIVES To study some circuit elements and a simple AC circuit. 14 The analysis menu The analysis dialog allows you to perform three principal types of analysis on the a circuit i DC bias ii AC and iii Transient . This lab is a hands on experiment lab to help you learn electronics. 1 Page. FIore Subject AC Circuits Keywords AC circuits Created Date 6 11 2020 11 28 22 AM This manual is intended for use in an AC electrical circuits course and is appropriate for two and four year electrical engineering technology curriculums. Analog Electronics AC Equivalent Model of BJT Amplifier Topics Covered 1. 11 Power triangle and power factor 15. These include as buffers on large transmission lines to reduce energy surges on a smaller scale AC Circuit Analysis Course No E10 001 Credit 10 PDH S. If there are any owners workshop manual 2019 honda gx200 parts manual kemppi mastertig ac dc 2800 manual Search through 3. Use the same input3 as Part One use R 1M and use C 22uF. It is similar to PSpice but it is more easy to use in Offline Circuit Simulation with TINA TINA Design Suite is a powerful yet affordable circuit simulator circuit designer and PCB design software package for analyzing designing and real time testing of analog digital IBIS HDL MCU and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts. Notice that there are three sources of voltage in this picture. Step down and step up MOSFET based choppers CYCLE II 7. Fiore via dissidents ISBN13 978 1796526639 For more information or feedback contact EEL 3552C Lab Manual Laboratory Safety Information Introduction The danger of injury or death from electrical shock re or explosion is present while conducting experi ments in this laboratory. ALTERNATING CURRENT AC I I Figure 1. LAB MANUAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES amp CIRCUITS LAB Dept. 220V. Here are some older edition All circuit analysis starts with the analysis dialog which you can access through the analysis menu shown below in figure 12. The AC power is important because it is the power produced by all electric power generators and used in all modern power stations. The lab report must include the following 1. Cordless Telephone Telephone user manuals operating guides amp specifications Dec 08 2016 DC AC Virtual Lab online circuit simulator. to Accompany Floyd 8th edition 9780135063279 by NA for up to 90 off at Textbooks. Electrical Simulation Lab Manual u LIST OF EXPERIMENTS Sl. com PHYS 112 Laboratory Manual 38 Experiment 7 AC Circuits quot Look for knowledge not in books but in things themselves. 6. Analog amp digital circuit simulations in seconds. Use PSpice to determine I 1 I 2 I 3 and Vo in Figure 1 at f 1kHz and f 10kHz. Connect a Decade Resistance Box DRB between input voltage source and the base of the transistor series connection . The rules for series and parallel combinations of resistors and capacitors will also be explored. 3 . E. Verification of Thevenin Norton and Maximum power transfer theorems in ac circuits 3. Check the components. 1493 1494 2699. The completed project allows AC current to be easily measured as a VDC signal and a microcontroller. Although there are eight exercises set I will base grades on only six reports. APPARATUS REQUIRED SL. In ECE 469 the voltages will usually be kept low to minimize hazards. 4 R L series a. Transient response of R L C series and parallel circuit Simulation with PSPICE MATLAB Hardware 3. The circuit you will build is shown in color and This laboratory is about studying resonance in RLC series and parallel circuits. Do not insert connectors forcefully into the sockets. GRIET To construct a circuit and verify Thevenin 39 s Theorem for the given circuit. Resistors 100 1 W 33 5 W 10 10 W Capacitors 100 F 16 V and 330 F 16 V capacitance values may vary by 20 Lamp 7. 1 DESCRIBE the construction and operation of a simple AC generator. published july 13 2016 Experiment 12 AC Circuits RLC Circuit Introduction An inductor L is an important component of circuits on the same level as resistors R and capacitors C . To construct a circuit and verify Norton s Theorem for the given circuit. User Manual. Unit 1 Alternating Current Exercise 1 1 The Sine Wave experimenters were amateur radio operators. Theory Faraday s Law electrical circuits laboratory lab manual This Laboratory Manual for AC Electrical Circuit Analysis by James M. Use myDAQ digital multi meter DMM to test MySnap components if they appear to be damaged or not working properly. University. circuits 3. Part Three EXTRA CREDIT 4 points 1. Design with our easy to use schematic editor. you studied the behavior of the RC and RL circuits under alternating applied or AC voltages. SUBJECT CODE I LIST OF EXPERIMENTS FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB. Evaluate the regulation and efficiency of the transformer at a given load. Academic year. 12. Download link for MECHANICAL 4th SEM EE6365 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY Lab Manual is listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials. Simulation is a mathematical way of nbsp The inspiration for this one of a kind text grew from Bob Boylestad 39 s desire to provide students with a comprehensive learning tool that hones in on the most nbsp In real life ungrounded battery operated circuits work just fine because to the circuit only relative voltages matter. Safety considerations Safety symbols that may be used in this manual and on the Lab Volt equipment To study the properties of an AC circuit containing a resistor and an inductor coil . 5 points 2. non inverting terminals respectively. The DC Fundamentals course provides comprehensive hands on instruction in the terminology principles and applications of dc circuits. DESIGN. The nbsp 10 Jan 2019 A Companion Course to ECE 2620 Electrical Circuits II. Simplify design and implement Boolean expression half and full adders using basic universal gates. The lab manual has been revised to illustrate the updated material in Introduction to Electric Circuits Ninth Edition including thirteen DC and fifteen AC experiments and a new lab on passive filters. The analysis of a series RLC circuit is the same as that for the dual series R L and R C circuits we looked at previously except this time we need to take into account the magnitudes of both X L and X C to find the overall circuit reactance. Universiti Putra Malaysia. Measure I supply A v R in and R out. Professional schematic PDFs wiring diagrams and plots. Capacitors AC Circuits 1. 6 R L C series a. On the part name block on this window type the name of the part you want to place on you circuit diagram. 4. For an Electrical Engineer it is obligatory to have the practical ideas about the Electrical Circuits and Simulation. Lab Manual Fundamentals of DC amp AC Circuits Laboratory Manual Hedayat Nasser Professor s Information Instructor Prof. quot W. First the generation transmission distribution and consumption of electric energy occur under essentially sinusoidal steady state conditions. 1 Introduction Inductance is one of the three basic passive circuit element properties. 2018 2019. Observe obvious safety rules by making measurements with proper caution and by avoiding circuit changes when power is on. Lab Manual for Electronics Fundamentals and Electronic Circuits Fundamentals Electronics Fundamentals 8th Edition Author Thomas L Floyd David M Buchla ISBN 9780135063279 Basic Electronics Lab Manual. Why ac equivalent Circuit 2. Fluorescent lamp A circuit is a path along which the electric current flows from the negative Side of the power source to the nbsp Read over your lab manual about RC circuits. Construct the circuit shown in Figure 1 and measure I 1 I 2 I 3 and Vo. 14. Oscilloscope 4. Analog Galvanometer. Response of Circuit Elements. Always check circuits before turning on power. To explain the details of why this is so a bit of background knowledge about AC is necessary. IGBT based three phase PWM inverter 9. From here on you will design transistor circuits with a bias Set the Amplitude Phase and Frequency parameters of the AC Voltage Source block according to the values shown in Circuit to Be Modeled. Gilbert 1540 1603 . Transient response of R L and R C network simulation with PSPICE MATLAB Hardware 2. Multisim Activity on Transient Analysis. 6V. Background A. It is your circuit diagram. PSPICE LAB MANUAL . In particular if a coil rotates in the presence of a magnetic field the induced emf varies sinusoidally with time and leads to an alternating current AC and provides a source of AC The basic Differentiator Amplifier circuit is the exact opposite to that of the Integrator operational amplifier circuit that we saw in the previous experiment. This manual typically contains Practical Lab Sessions related to Analog Integrated Circuit covering various aspects related the subject to enhance understanding of the subject. 3 Acquire skills of using MATLAB software for electrical circuit studies. A dc instrument used in an ac circuit will indicate zero why . This guide nbsp David A. Give a brief description of the operation of the circuit. Power in AC Circuits Power formula Rewrite using cos is the power factor To maximize power delivered to circuit make close to zero Max power delivered to load happens at resonance E. The Time Transient nbsp It is important to have a good understanding of how circuits microcontrollers and breadboards work to be able to simulate these components virtually. Instructions In this lab you will use the computer to record and plot your data. Apparatus Required 1. circuits 15. Introduction There are eight labs set in this manual two measurement labs and six labs for which you design build and test a circuit to meet fixed performance criteria. This feedback amplifier is known a transresistance amplifier. Switch on the supply and increase the voltage gradually to its rated voltage i. C. too much inductive reactance X L can be cancelled by increasing X C e. 2 Current Sensing in DC Jul 13 2016 laboratory manual electrical measurements and circuits . It is inherent in all electrical circuits. 00 F capacitor. Zener diode Z functions to clip the rectified voltage to a standard level. Items in the lab manual include introducing the circuit simulator SPICE and its usage to carry out DC AC amp transient analysis. AC Voltage controller 10. The students are to follow the given general Do s and Don ts for simulation lab. For equipment each lab station should include a dual channel oscilloscope preferably digital a function generator and a quality DMM. Electrical Circuit Analysis ECC3115 Uploaded by. 2. of Physics National Institute of Science Education and Research Bhubaneswar Logic Design Laboratory Manual 5 _____ 2 For the given Truth Table realize a logical circuit using basic gates and NAND gates PROCEDURE Check the components for their working. Apparatus nbsp 21 Oct 2017 DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB MANUAL 3EE8A OBJECT a Write a C Program to Compute Resistance of a nbsp Dept of E amp C CEC Analog Electronics Lab Manual 10ESL37 20 2 Regulation IV Full wave Rectifier with Filter Circuit Diagram AC Vo RL 1 2 V 2 3 0 V 5 0 Hz nbsp A Note from the Author. To study the operation of UJT firing circuit for SCR. Using Kirchhoff s Law we have V S V C V R 0 13 Figure 8 Basic RC circuit with signal generator 1 COMMUNICATION I LAB MANUAL EEC 552 DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING 27 Knowledge Park III Greater Noida U. The transformer converts one AC voltage into different AC voltage in this case 120V to 12. Here the position of the capacitor and resistor have been reversed and now the Capacitor C is connected to the input terminal of the inverting amplifier while the Resistor R 1 forms Lab 7 RC Circuits lab report. In order to derive maximum learning experience the users are advised to first read the instructions for conducting the labs. The rst type of circuit you will construct is a The significance of the Electrical Circuit Simulation Lab is renowned in the various fields of engineering applications. Open Circuit Test 1. Circuits that operate with ac current can only be measured by ac instruments. Enter in to the simulation lab in time. Study of characteristics of an SCR AIM To obtain the V I characteristics of SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier . in electrical circuits in the form of electric elds and magnetic elds respectively. Lab 7 AC Currents amp Voltage L7 1 Name Date Partners Lab 7 AC Currents amp Voltage Lab 7 AC CURRENTS AND VOLTAGES V volts t s OBJECTIVES To understand the meanings of amplitude frequency phase reactance and impedance in AC circuits. Always remove power if circuit does not perform properly and then use myDAQ DMM to check circuit for shorts or Lab 7 LR Circuits Introduction The English physicist Michael Faraday found in 1831 that when the current through a coil changes the coil produces a changing magnetic field in addition to the field of the changing current which induces an electromotive force quot emf quot in the coil itself. This manual is intended for the Second year students of Electronics amp Communication branch in the subject of Analog Integrated Circuit. circuit by using three ammeters. You must com plete and document six laboratory exercises in order to get credit for the course. Change the function generator frequency to 50Hz and record the peak to peak voltage from the oscilloscope in data table 2. Determine the number of significant figures in a measurement. ac circuit lab manual